Is the physical SIM free?
Yes, the SIM is free and the cost of delivery to you anywhere in the world is free. 2degrees are hoping that their fantastic service & plans will mean you will keep using the SIM and of course refer to friends and family. eSIMs are not free as we sell these preloaded with plans already on them.
What plans are there and how much are they?
There are plans starting from just NZ$10. The three most popular are $10, $19 & $30. Go here for more details. For a full list of 2degrees plans go here.
How long will it take for my SIM to get to me?
If you are within New Zealand:
  • Next business day.
  • If you are NZ Rural , it may take an additional 1-2 days

  • For NZ, we send by courier.

    If you are outside New Zealand, we post by Air and the guidelines we have are:
  • Australia 3-6 days
  • Rest of the world 6-10
  • Can I choose my mobile number?
    No, these are randomly selected and sealed within the SIM packaging. You can however open the packaging and let friends and family know the number you will have when in New Zealand
    Can I activate the SIM when still overseas if I receive it overseas?
    No you need to be in New Zealand to activate the SIM. Getting it sent to you means you can activate the moment you arrive and can give your new number to friends and family prior to your departing for New Zealand.
    Can I use this SIM if I can to other countries after New Zealand?
    You sure can. There are applicable charges for other countries. You should go the 2degrees website to confirm the latest. Click here https://www.2degrees.nz/roaming
    Can I order more than one SIM?
    No problem, you can order up to 10 to ensure the whole family or travel group can have one. If you are all on 2degrees it is free to call and text between each user!
    Is this Sim any different to picking up a local SIM?
    We have additional benefits on the visitor SIM that include double data on the $19 and $30 plans for the first 4 months! A great bonus.
    Are there other major features I should know about?
    Yes! There are perhaps too many to list here but:
  • An hour of FREE Data every day using the 2degrees Data Clock app. You can also buy additional unlimited data by time.
  • Wi-fi calling. If you happen to be in a remote spot where there is internet then you can use wi-fi calling
  • Hotspotting included. Use your data on connected devices at no extra cost, ie watch movies on your ipad or laptop!
  • Unlimited calls to 2degrees mobiles
  • Unlimited texts to New Zealand Australia.
  • How do I get my existing SIM out?
    Every FREE SIM comes with a FREE SIM ejector pin - so handy!